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A REAL, working dairy farm! Fun for all ​ages!

21500 Otis Cooper Rd.

Moss Point, MS 39562

Fall Field Trips are Booking Now!!

  • Field trips are scheduled Monday-Friday.

  • Field trips- approximately 3 hours

Day Care, home school & other groups are welcome 

Field Trips Book up Fast!! Call to secure your spot!

Please call or email to inquire: 251-709-2001 or

  • $10 per visitor this includes all station rotations and activities. (student or chaperone)

  • Groups by appointment only.

  • There is no charge for 1 teacher per class.

  • Payment due by school or day care check or exact change in full upon arrival.

  • Trips may be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather


Hands-on experiences that meet Content Standards:

-Compare farming in the past to farming today

-Describe the different feeds eaten by the cows

-See the lifecycle of a cow from calf to cow

-Live cow milking demonstration (origin of a product)

-Play Time- farm activities

-Learn about the 3 a Day dairy program to include 3 servings of dairy each day

-Use of covered Picnic Area (you provide sack lunch)


Email or call 251-709-2001

Billing Address: 160 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd. N, Mobile, AL 36608

Farm's W-9 


  • Bring a check made payable to "Triple M Farms" with you the day of your field trip. We will provide you with a receipt. Please ask your chaperones to bring EXACT CHANGE (cash only) if they are not prepaid.

  • Please arrive by the time requested. Contact us if you are running late the date of your visit. If you arrive late, you may have to skip some activities.

  • There is an area designated for parking (including the busses). Turn in the first parking for the sign.

  • When you arrive, please keep the students on the bus. Teachers, please come in to provide us with an exact count and payment. We will divide the group for station activities and provide you with specific directions.

  • We will help unload your lunches and direct adults to the picnic area to leave lunch items.

  • Classes will be taken to a start point for further instructions. Then, students will be placed into small groups for station rotations. Groups will consist of no more than 30 students.

  • Teachers will be given a rotation schedule-please keep your group together as you rotate to each station. Each station lasts approximately 15- 20 minutes. 

  • We ask that a teacher or chaperone always monitor the students during stations and while rotating. Most stations are guided by our employees. One station is teacher guided and includes step-by-step directions.

  • Teacher supervision is required on our udderly fun playground.

  • We will try to keep classrooms together, but some groups may be divided.

  • In the event of inclement weather, field trips may be rescheduled. We will post any field trip cancellations on our Facebook page, so you may tell parents to check it if the weather is questionable.

  • We recommend closed-toe shoes.

  • We anticipate that field trips will last 2- 3hrs.

  • Everyone will need a sack lunch and drinks. We have snacks and drinks available in the general store.

  • If the school or a teacher has any problems, questions or concerns the day before or the day of the trip, please contact our field trip coordinator directly at 251-709-2001.

Directions to Our Farm

From Mobile:

Travel west on Airport Blvd. to the Mississippi state line. Proceed on Hwy. 614 for 2.4 miles and turn right onto Otis Cooper Rd. Drive 1.3 miles. The educational facility will be on your left.

From Mississippi:

Travel east from Hwy. 63 on Hwy. 614 for 8 miles and turn left onto Otis Cooper Rd. Drive 1.3 miles. The educational facility will be on your left.

  We’re looking forward to your visit !!

Tentative Schedule

Whole Group

-enter the educational classroom for a presentation, welcome, facility layout-restrooms, schedule of activities

Farm Tour Rotations

- learn about the feeding system used on the dairy farm. Visitors will describe the different types of feed eaten by the cows.

- identify key components of the cow anatomy and discuss the importance of the various organs, view the full-size bathtub to discuss the water required to produce milk

- bottle feed a baby calf and learn about how baby calves are raised.

-make butter and retell the steps

Whole Group

- observe a live cow milking demonstration to discuss the steps in the milking process.

- trace the origin of dairy products from the cow to the consumer.

-3 a Day Program Dairy Program

Lunch- covered area/picnic tables

Middleton Farms produces safe, wholesome dairy products and this information will be shared with visitors as well as an overview of the dairy commodity.

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