Middleton Farms

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Middleton Farms: A Family Tradition

Farm Fun for All ages! Come see us.

     Middleton Farms is a family owned, working dairy farm. The farm began in 1948 and is now operated by the second and third generations. Visitors can visit our farm on field trips, summer camps, and for private parties. Come learn how the Middleton family plants, harvests and grows the crops for the family's dairy cows. See a live cow-milking demonstration and learn how milking has changed over the years.

     This spring begins our fourth year of hands-on, educational tours where students learn about the dairy cow, the routines on the dairy farm, and how dairy is an important part of our diet.  

       In addition to our dairy tour is the inclusion of a greenhouse, garden, and planting station. Ask how your students can tour both our dairy exhibits and our plants. Students will also get to plant a seed to take home with them so they can see how it grows and changes. Checkout the tabs across the top for information about field trips including curriculum and links, also private parties, and photos. Contact information is also available along with maps and directions.

Spring has sprung! Come see how things grow and change at Middleton Farms.

Farming provides food, fuel and fiber!  It's easy to see how it directly relates to all ages and curriculum subjects.  We have provided a sample of how you can connect our farm field trip into your daily curricula. We have had visitors from age 3 to senior citizens. In addition, we welcome special needs guests. Our farm tour is fun and educational for all ages!